My name is Kathryn Crowther, but those who know me call me Katy.  I am currently a Marion L. Brittain Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia.   Being a Brittain fellow, or “Britt” as we’re called has caused some confusion amongst my family and friends as I am also British.  So although the two are not connected, I am technically a “Brit Britt”!  I’ve also taught at Agnes Scott College and Emory University.

As a Brittain Fellow, I teach the first year composition classes, English 1101 and 1102 – click here or on the Courses tab to read my course descriptions.

My research focuses on Victorian literature and 19th-century print culture and I also have side interests in Neo-Victorian novels, the genre and culture of steampunk, and 20th- and 21st-century literature.

You can read more about the purpose of this blog here.

On a more personal note, I’m a bookworm (duh), movie fan, chocoholic, and a mom to two amazing boys.

Yeah, I stay pretty busy.


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